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Each issue of Zine World usually featured hundreds of reviews (of zines, comics, magazines, books, and other self-published materials), commentary and news, and resource listings on zine libraries, review zines, postage rates, and online resources.

ZW #31 coverZine World #31 PDF
Published in May 2012 (28 pages, full-size), featuring: 160 reviews; a profile of The Soapbox Independent Publishing Center by Mary Tasillo; commentary from our readers; and art by Lydia Verlarde and Jimi Sharp, with cover art by Jerianne.

Zine World #30.5 PDF
Published November 2011, this supplement had 16 full-size pages with more than 230 reviews and no additional content.

ZW #30 coverZine World #30 PDF
Published in February 2011 (40 page, full-size), this issue featured: more than 200 reviews; commentary by Joshua (of Ms Valerie Park distro) called "Where We Were and Where We Want to Be"; commentary by Candace (of Sticky Institute) called "The Bubble -- Zines and Constructive Criticism"; commentary by Jerianne titled "Why I'm Mad About the New Fanzines Book"; an article by Lizzy (of Marching Stars distro) called "Amusing, Odd and Infuriating Things That I've Learnt from Running a UK Distro"; two articles about Microcosm Publishing - "Cindy Crabb Says No to Microcosm" and "Microcosm Says No to ZW, Other Zines"; a list of reader recommended zine distros & stores that sell zines; and art and illustrations by Mike Goetz, Carl Alessi, and Lydia Velarde, with cover art by e. war.

ZW #29 coverZine World #29 PDF
Published in August 2010 (36 pages, full-size), this issue featured: about 200 reviews; commentary by Craven Rock about the word "zinester" (with comments shared from WeMakeZines) and by Jerianne about zines & identity; a column with tips on attending a zine fest by Nicole Introvert; a comic called "How to Make a Zine" by David Crockett; and cover art by Androo Robinson.

ZW #28 coverZine World #28 PDF
Published in January 2010 (50 pages, full-size), features an article about the zine scene in Japan by Gianni Simone, a column by Michelle Aiello called "People Are Complete Fucking Assholes, or How I Lost My PO Box," an art piece by Jackie Batey called "Make a Zine," and a comic strip from the zine Intellectual Property Is Theft: Copyright, Anti-Copyright, Public Domain, and Creative Commons; 340+ reviews; a report from the first New York City Zine Fest; and cover art by e. war.

ZW #27 coverZine World #27 PDF
Published in February 2009 (40 pages, full-size), contains articles on Bound Printed Matter, the importance of small press & self-publishing (by e), We Make Zines (by Chantel) and Etsy (by Alex Wrekk); a discussion of review zines vs. the internet; a column about the film I'm Not There (by Evan Fleischer); 200+ reviews; and art by Jim Sumii and Pat M, with cover art by Erica Brodie.

ZW #26 coverZine World #26
Published in August 2008 (62 pages, full-size), features an article on newspaper censorship, columns about writing by Evan Fleischer and on politics by Grant Schreiber, about 300 reviews, and art by Sue Clancy, Jim Sumii, Kris, Pat M., and cover art by P.5!

Zine World #25.5 PDF
This supplemental issue features 150+ reviews. Published in March 2008.

ZW #25 coverZine World #25 PDF
Published in August 2007 (48 pages, full-size), features in-depth articles about the new US postal rates (including changes for small magazine publishers), student "hit lists" and the over-reaching paranoia of school officials, and recent changes at Microcosm Publishing, plus other news stories on the end of Punk Planet, censorship, and freedom of speech issues; column about presenting zine workshops, with tips on how you can organize your own workshop; zinester comments on the significance of zines in their lives, where they find out about zines, and zines vs. blogs; more than 250 reviews; and art by Jim Sumii, Mike Twohig, and Miki Hickel, with cover art by Susan Boren.

ZW #24 coverZine World #24 PDF
Published in February 2007 (48 pages, full-size), features indepth articles on the end of the Independent Press Association and Clamor magazine, the bankruptcy of Tower Records and Publisher's Group West, and what these events might mean for independent publishers. Plus the column "Everything is Politics," and Zine World Asks: a new feature sharing comments by zinesters on the pros and cons of using PayPal and where they do their printing. More than 220 reviews; art by Christoph Meyer, Derek Ballard, and cover art by Alan Lastufka.

ZW #23 coverZine World #23 PDF
Published in July 2006 (48 pages, full-size), features news articles on persecuted & prosecuted students, the government opening your mail and restricting free speech, and other First Amendment issues; dispatches from New Orleans zinesters affected by Hurricane Katrina; more than 250 reviews; and art by Shannon Wheeler, Sue Clancy, Drew, and cover by Pat M.

ZW #22 coverZine World #22 PDF
Published in January 2005 (64 pages, full-size), features articles on the aftermath of the Hazlewood decision, students being punished for their writing and art, activist documentaries, the Parents' Empowerment Act and other government actions, news about Zine Guide and Factsheet Five, zinesters' reactions to the 2004 election; 340+ reviews; a report on the 2004 Allied Media Conference; and art by Duane Ballenger, Mike Twohig, and Sue Clancy.

Details about our earlier issues will be added at some point.

Note: These PDFs are provided for individual use. Please contact us in advance for permission before duplicating or reprinting these (in print or online).