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A zine library is any organization that collects zines either to provide public access (read, borrow, etc.) or to archive. A zine library may be an independent organization or may be a sub-collection within an academic, a public, or a school library. Zine libraries can also exist virtually, as an online archive.

This list of zine libraries is organized alphabetically by state or country. These lists may be reprinted, as long as you give credit to Zine World. Note: If more than one address is listed, the first is the physical address. Submit an addition or correction to our list.


Asian American Zine Archive
Asian American Studies Program
3102 Hart Hall, University of California - Davis
Davis CA 95616
Mail: c/o Darrell Y. Hamamoto
Description: The Asian American Zine Archive at the University of California, Davis is the only repository of its kind that specializes in written and graphic expression produced by Asian Americans who either by choice or default circumvent corporate-controlled monopoly communication outlets. By appointment only.

LSC Punk Archive
UCLA Library Special Collections
A1713 Charles E. Young Research Library
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
310-825-4988; spec-coll@library.ucla.edu
Description: Collects primary source materials of punk musicians, promoters, hotographers, artists, and other voices involved in the diverse music and culture of LA punk. Includes personal and business papers, photographs, sound recordings, oral histories, zines, flyers, ephemera, and other items.
Also: Darby Romeo Collection of Zines Finding Aid: www.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt7489q3mv/ Description: Collection consists of privately printed and distributed arts and literary magazines. Collection stored off-site, by appointment only.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society
657 Mission St. #300
San Francisco CA 94105
Description: The GLBT Historical Society collects, preserves, and interprets the history of GLBT people; its archives is one of the world's largest collections of primary source material about GLBT history, including a very extensive collection of queer zines.

The Little Maga/Zine Collection
Book Arts & Special Collections, San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin St.
San Francisco CA 94102
Mail: attn: Andrea Grimes
415-557-4560; agrimes@sfpl.org
Description: Little magazines and zines are collected, with special emphasis on the San Francisco experience. More than 4,000 in collection; most titles cataloged online, supplemented by finding aid. Collection started in 1967. Open Tu-Su.

Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA 94705
510-540-0751; longhaulzinearchive@riseup.net
Description: We are primarily an activist center and community space. We do have an extensive radical periodical collection spanning the past couple of decades (about 15,000 zines). Anarchist and radical zines encouraged. If you're donating a zine, please indicate that it's a donation for the library/infoshop. Open Su-Th.

Powell Library's Community Collections: Zine Collection
Powell Library, Main Reading Room
Los Angeles CA 90095
910-206-4410; jglassman@library.ucla.edu
Mail: College Library, Box 951450, 220 Powell, Los Angeles CA 90095-1450
Description: The Zine Collection consists of zines from across the US promoting student creativity, leisure reading, and self-publishing. Special attention is paid to Los Angeles area zines and zines created by UCLA students or alumni. It is curated with assistance from the Bad Art Zine Collective, a student group that aims to unite the zine makers of UCLA and to extend the amazing powers of self-publishing towards the greater student body. Seeking donations.

West Coast Zine Collection
Special Collections and University Archives, Library and Information Access
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego CA 92182-8050
Description: The Zines and Mini-Comics Collection combines materials from two former collections known as the West Coast Zines Collection and the Comics Collection. The collection ranges from 1985 to the present and includes zines and mini-comics on a variety of topics. Concentrations include riot grrrl, LGBTQ issues, and various other identity politics; sexuality and reproductive rights; punk rock; anarchism; activism; alternative lifestyles; creative writing; and popular culture.


Colorado College Zine Collection
Colorado College Special Collections
1021 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs CO 80903
(719)389-6668; tuttspec@coloradocollege.edu
Description: Colorado College purchases zines published in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming. When possible, we purchase two copies of each zine, one for preservation in Special Collections, one for a browsing collection

Denver Zine Library
2400 Curtis St.
Denver CO 80205
Mail: PO Box 13826, Denver CO 80201
Description: An all-volunteer run nonprofit organization, the Denver Zine Library opened in 2003 and houses 10,000+ zines.


Alternative Press Collection
Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
University of Connecticut Libraries
405 Babbidge Rd., Unit 1205
Storrs CT 06269-1205
Description: The Alternative Press Collection is one of the oldest and largest collections of its kind in the US, founded in the late 1960s. Currently, the APC includes thousands of national and international newspapers, serials, books, pamphlets, ephemera, and artifacts documenting activist themes, and organizations, spanning from the 1800s to the present.


Civic Media Center
433 S Main St.,
Gainesville FL 32601
352-373-0010; coordinator@civicmediacenter.org
Description: We carry more than 15,000 books, journals, zines, video and audio recordings, newspapers, and magazines by independent, non-corporate press on a wide variety of subjects. The Civic Media Center & Library, is an alternative library, reading room, and infoshop, a community-based non-profit organization that serves as a resource for progressive grassroots activism.

Jacksonville Public Library Zine Collection
303 N. Laura St.
Jacksonville FL 32202
Description: The mission of the Jacksonville Public Library Zine Collection is to circulate and preserve alternative media resources that inspire readers to re-examine and learn from alternative and under-served voices that represent our community. The JPL Zine Collection will focus on regionally based zines in an effort to better reflect the voices in our community and region. The scope of the collection is broad including the arts, music, comics, politics, gender issues and advocacy.


DePaul Zine Collection
DePaul University Library
Special Collections & Archives
2350 N. Kenmore Ave., Room 314
Chicago IL 60614
773-325-7864; archives@depaul.edu
Description: The DePaul Zine Collection grew out of collecting efforts during the Underground Press Conference held at DePaul University in 1994. Zines collected at this conference are the core of the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press collection. Additional collections came to DePaul as donations from individual zine collectors, including Chip Rowe, Heath Row, and Kathy Moseley.

Read/Write Library
914 N California, Walton Entrance
Chicago IL 60622
773-336-2516; info@readwritelibrary.org
Description: The Read/Write Library is a new model for open, location-specific archiving of independent and small press media. We are always seeking books, magazines, zines, journals, broadsides, newspapers, and art books of all types, genres, and print runs from the Chicago area.


Zine and Amateur Press Collections
Special Collections & University Archives
University of Iowa Libraries
100 Main Library, 125 West Washington St.
Iowa City IA 52242
319=335=5921; lib-spec@uiowa.edu
Description: The University of Iowa is interested in collecting zines of all types -- not just from Iowa alone or even the Midwest -- because of their value as important social and cultural products of populations and social groups that often go undocumented by mainstream archival institutions. Our zines do not circulate, but are available to any and all interested researchers.